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Frequently asked questions.

We receive all sorts of questions from our clients, partners, and prospects. Read below, perhaps we have answered some of your questions already!

How much does it cost to demolish a building?

There are numbers floating around of $4/sqft.  NOT TRUE! We have done projects where we pay to do the demo, and have had projects for $1, $2, $5, and even up to $10/sqft.  Don’t listen or trust estimating books.  Let us take a look at it and give you a more accurate budget.

Do I have to hire a GC?

No.  We assist with initial budgeting for owners all the time.  When the project becomes real and you decide you want to have the GC manage the demolition as well as your new building just pass us along to them.  

How do I know if I have asbestos that needs to be removed?

There are ways of identifying asbestos but honestly there is no real way without performing a survey.  For a minimal fee we can go to your building and take samples. We will get them tested and provide you with a survey as well as a price to remove the asbestos.

Do I have to use Atlas to remove the asbestos if I used them to give me the survey?

No! The survey is yours.  Feel free to go and price the survey to other abatement contractors and hire who you feel is the best for your project.

When can I expect my bid?

We have a weekly estimators meeting where we review the estimates due and assign them to the appropriate estimator.  Let us know when you need it by and we typically can make it happen.  We are good at moving mountains!

What size project do you do?

All sizes. We have done some very large projects but no project is too small. We have divisions for all sizes and are competitive no matter what your project size is.  Big or small we got you!

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